Doreau Australia

Who are we ?

Present in Australia since 2012, Doreau Cooperage created a branch in order to be as close to the winemakers as possible, and offer the best service. We started with barrels and oak alternatives and slowly added products, always carefully chosen to match the high quality that Doreau represents.

In 2018, we started to represent Oenotan, a French company producing high quality oak tannins.

At the end of 2020, we started the representation of another French company, leader in the production of yeast worldwide, Fermentis by Lesaffre. We believe that their special process Easy to Use, E2U™ can be a game changer for winemakers, allowing to directly pitch the yeast without prior rehydration.

Doreau Cooperage

Combining modernity and femininity, Doreau Cooperage’s wine collection enhances your blends by revealing a perfect harmony between wine and wood. Our selection of staves combined with our expertise gives you the opportunity to customize your barrels. Together, we study the selection of grain, the toast’s aromatic pallet that will give the most balance, and the design of your barrel.

Vernou Cooperage

The story of Jean Vernou, Master Cooper, started in Cognac in 1964. The artisanal cooperage stands out with a personal style and Vernou becomes one of Doreau’s wine collection in 2010.

Vernou distinguishes itself through its typical toast.

Our Vernou barrels will reveal and balance the aromatic intensity of your wines.

Doreau Casks & Tanks

French Oak

Our workshop holds the knowledge of the “foudrier”, the maker of big formats. We produce tailormade oval and round casks, upright tanks and Roll Fermentors.

Doreau l’Atelier offers a range of products developed in order to meet your requirements for vinification, blending or ageing of white or red wines, and spirits.

Sense Oak, your wine’s sparkle

Like a natural aromatic accelerator, Sense Oak is intended for white, rosé and red wines. From harvest to ageing, it is a guarantee of your wine’s sparkle.

Like the “En Primeur” wines, Sense Oak reveals one of its collection: Tradition.

Made of chips, staves and sticks, the Tradition collection comes from oak forests. Sense Oak’s staves are created in the same way as a barrel stave.


Fermentis is part of Lesaffre, a French group, and key player in yeasts globally. They were created over 160 years ago. Innovation is a driver for the group, and Fermentis recently created the Easy to Use process E2U™, which allows winemakers to pitch the yeast directly into the must without prior rehydration. This saves time, energy and water, without compromising the results.


Based in Cognac, France, Oenotan produces high quality oak tannins. The products combine tradition and high technology to provide a concentrated and natural product and respecting the typicity of the oak. Oenotan offers a range of products from fermentation, ageing and finishing tannins.